Services Offered

Contact our experts to aid in your conversion from your old heating system to an Eco Stove Heating System.

We can arrange to call to your home and do a survey to ensure that you select the correct Pellet Fuel System for your heating needs. You can choose from an air flow system, a room heating stove or a combined stove and boiler.

The reason for the survey is to ensure that the product will meet your needs. If your home exceeds the ability of a Pellet Stove / Boiler Combination to heat in comfort, we at Eco Stoves will help you to choose the most efficient system to suit your home.

When you buy from Eco Stoves you are buying more than a stove.  You are also buying our vast knowledge of the subject and our experience in Stove installation, for example did you know that the Ecologica Idro and Lucrezia Idro models can be linked to your existing heating system and provide heating to the whole of your house?

Service Support Team

The Service Support Team are here to answer all your questions.  All Pellet Stoves and Boilers require servicing by a trained person once a year.

All Pellet Stoves are supplied and fitted by our Trained Heating Engineers. We do not recommend self installation, as our installers have completed intensive training at ExtraFlame in Italy to allow you the customer to get the full benefit from your new Pellet Stove.

ExtraFlame Stoves designed with boilers included are only sold following an energy audit of your home to assist you in getting full value from your investment.

Please contact us at for more information.


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