Can I buy the system off you and have my own plumber install it ?
Of Course ! Please ensure your plumber is an SEI registered installer as all SEI Grants require the installer to be registered with them Before undertaking any work.

My plumber is registered with SEI but has never installed one of your systems. Can you guide him about specific details ?
Yes, we can provide your installer with installation details and provide him with the telephone number of a help line and an email address where relevant questions can be asked and answered.

I am a plumber and a customer wishes to install an Eco product for heating. Will you supply to the "Trade" ?
Yes we will supply you with the system best suited to your customers needs.

I am a plumber experienced in working with oil / solid fuel systems, will EcoStoves provide training ?
We are happy to provide training or assistance with the installation and commissioning of systems provided by us.

I am a registered installer who will install the systems as per the manufacturers instructions and all current Building Regulations. Will EcoStoves assist in commissioning the system ?
Yes, we will Commission the system. However it is important to note that we will inspect the system and insist that, if required, any changes needed must be made to ensure the safe and efficient operating of the system before issuing a commissioning certificate.

Can I call on EcoStoves for advice or assistance if my system breaks down ?
Yes, each customer or Installer will receive a dedicated telephone number to call. It is our policy to provide on site service within 24 hours should your central heating system require emergency service.

What about holiday times like Christmas, do you still have service within 24 hours ?
Absolutely, a Trained Technician will either answer the telephone or return your call As Soon As Possible (usually within the hour), if the problem can not be solved over the telephone the Technician will call to your home or business and get your system working again.

Do you charge for this service ?
No, not if the problem is a warranty issue.

Do you ever charge for service calls ?
Yes, we reserve the right to charge for service calls, for example :

  • If the answer to the problem can be found in the Owners or Installers Manual;
  • Program settings or the equipment has been interfered with by unauthorised persons;
  • If the regular cleaning or owner maintenance has not been carried out correctly;
  • If the system or any part thereof has been abused in any way;
  • If the cause of the problem is in the plumbing / heating in the home, (e.g. faulty thermostats, motorised valves, timers etc.);
  • If the problem is caused by no fuel, poor quality fuel, breakdown of the electrical supply, lightning strikes etc.;

Do you provide service and maintenance to similar products that have not been purchased from you ?
Yes, however, our own customers take priority over any other service calls.

It is important to note that we do not provide service under warranty for products purchased elsewhere, even if they are still under manufacturers or retailers warranty.

All labour, materials and traveling time (if applicable) will be charged out at the prevailing rates, we recommend that you contact your original supplier or installer first if your product or system is still under warranty.

To avoid embarrassment or misunderstandings Please Ask before booking service for your system or appliance.

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