What are Pellets ?

The new Heating Systems use the waste from saw mills, which are compressed into a Pellet to give an efficient and eco-friendly heating solution for your home or office.

The Pellets are made by applying very high pressure to graded sawdust, which is pure timber waste. This waste is produced in vast quantities by sawmills, carpentry works and other activities associated with the working and transformation of timber.

This type of fuel is completely environmentally friendly as no binders of any kind are used to keep it compact. In fact, the compactness of the Pellets over time is guaranteed by a natural substance found in timber called lignite.

As well as being environmentally friendly, (because the wood residues are exploited to the maximum), the Pellets also have the technical advantage of having a higher power to weight ratio than normal timber material.

Installation & Pellet Loading

The Heating Units can be installed free standing  or in existing fire places. Their unique pull out system allows easy access to rear of unit for annual cleaning and maintenance.

Pellets drop into the unit from a well designed worm drive that feeds the fire as it is needed. The system is completely remote controlled, allowing the user to change the heating output like changing a station on your TV.



Cleaning the Waste

To empty the ashes from the system, all the user has to do is to open the fire base and remove the ash box from the unit and empty it, (pictured below).

The waste that you produce is also environmentally friendly, as it is totally biodegradable and can be used as garden fertiliser.

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